In this issue : DECEMBER 2019
In this issue : DECEMBER 2019

Big Picture

“Structural changes continue to positively impact the industrial property sector. As consumers’ demands increase, our customers are responding by consistently seeking to create more efficient logistics networks.

Locations close to consumers, coupled with technology advancements, are helping to increase productivity and efficiency in the supply chain to help fulfil consumer expectations.”

– Greg Goodman, Group CEO
Consumer expectations around choice, price, and convenience are rising. Consumers want almost instant gratification, where virtually everything needs to be delivered within a day or even less. As a result, our customers are focusing on speed to market. This is most evident in the big cities where Goodman operates.

Given this ever-changing world, over the last ten years Goodman has been consciously and strategically focusing our real estate on key infill markets, where land is scarce, consumerism is at its highest and consumer expectations are increasing. This has produced positive results for our customers and our business.

Ambitions changing our world


Thought starters:

At Goodman, we make space for our stakeholders’ greatest ambitions. We understand the world is constantly changing and that’s why we’ve spoken to global thought leaders whose ideas are aligned to Goodman’s strategy, uncovering insights into the key trends shaping our business and that of our customers – today, tomorrow and beyond.

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