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The Goodman Foundation finds tangible ways to give back to the communities where we operate and helps bring about meaningful social change through improving people's quality of life.

Goodman Interlink Magic Mile 2018

Hong Kong

Magic Mile

Goodman Group along with its Interlink Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run sponsors, raised over HK$1 million for The Fred Hollows Foundation at the seventh annual Goodman Interlink Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run. The run took place at its flagship property in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong with the funds raised to support a major three-year eye healthcare project being undertaken by The Fred Hollows Foundation in Huanxian County in Gansu Province in Western China.

Over 400 runners gathered with cheering friends, families and colleagues at Goodman Interlink, Goodman’s landmark warehouse and distribution development in Tsing Yi, to race in teams up the mile of the property’s 15-floor cargo ramp. This year also saw solo participants take part in a new four-mile “Magic Mile Challenge” race format, involving a demanding four laps of the property’s multi-storey ramp, with the fastest runner in this race recording an impressive time of 25 minutes and 35 seconds.

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of Goodman Greater China, said, “We are extremely proud to have hosted the unique and always popular Interlink Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run for a seventh consecutive year. This year, the funds raised will be donated to The Fred Hollows Foundation to help change the lives of people in Huanxian County by improving eye care facilities and helping the community tackle preventable blindness.”

“This substantial donation will go a long way to reach our goal of providing eye health screenings for over 80,000 senior aged people, eye health screenings for over 50,000 students, cataract surgeries for over 600 people and ophthalmology services for over 30,000 patients in Huanxian County.”

Michael Allen,
Head of International
Partnerships & Business Development
The Fred Hollows Foundation
The Bread & Butter Project


The Bread & Butter Project

The Goodman Foundation is a founding supporter of The Bread & Butter Project, an artisan bakery delivering handmade bread to the food lovers of Sydney – and a social enterprise.

As Australia’s first social enterprise bakery, The Bread & Butter Project provides training and employment pathways for refugees and asylum seekers to enhance their prospects of successful resettlement, employment and a strong sense of belonging in Australia. The Bread & Butter Project is a “Maker of Bakers” but it does more than provide 12 months of extensive hands-on training. The Bread & Butter Project also provides its trainees with English language tutoring, helps co-ordinate their TAFE certificate, arranges work placements and career support to ensure the refugee participants achieve employment within Australia’s hospitality sector.

The Goodman Foundation’s capital support helped to enable the establishment of The Bread & Butter Project through the provision of its fleet of trucks and delivery vans.

Jo Cameron, CEO of the Goodman Foundation, said “We are inspired by the stories of the Trainees. They work hard to learn new skills in a new language and in a new country, having arrived in Australia in the most difficult of circumstances. By supporting The Bread & Butter Project we are enabling the future of these people and their families.”

In addition to the annual capital grants, the Goodman team have donated their skills to assist with the new branding of the delivery fleet and several team members have tested their skills in the art of baking sourdough bread and pastry delights while attending a fundraising Masterclass.

All profits are re-invested into funding the training program, equipment and infrastructure needed to keep this social enterprise running and growing to expand its reach and impact in refugee communities.

“With the ongoing financial support, mentoring and supply chain recommendations from the Goodman Foundation, The Bread & Butter Project has provided over 20 trainee baker graduates with meaningful and ongoing employment within the hospitality sector.”

Rob Schonberger,
General Manager
The Bread & Butter Project

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