In this issue : JUNE 2019
In this issue : JUNE 2019

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Goodman Group looks to work with charitable organisations around the world that are striving to make a difference to the lives of those in need.

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Hong Kong

Magic Mile

Goodman Group and its partner sponsors ‘Stepped up to Greatness’ and raised over HK$1.27 million for The Fred Hollows Foundation at the 8th Goodman Interlink Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run.

More than 650 participants took part in a variety of races up the 15-floor cargo ramp at the flagship Goodman Interlink building, a 24-storey cargo ramp warehouse in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. This year’s event was the biggest ever with the number of participants up 60% on last year.

All proceeds from the event are being used to support a major eye health care project in Huanxian County in China’s Gansu Province. The project provides eye health screening for over 80,000 senior aged people and 50,000 students, cataract surgery for over 600 people and ophthalmology services for over 30,000 patients.

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of Goodman Greater China said, “Partnering with The Fred Hollows Foundation on our Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run is important to Goodman. The event embodies Goodman’s mission to provide great space and make great things possible for everyone who works with us. Growing every year, the Magic Mile event helps make a difference to the lives of people who need it most, and through The Fred Hollows Foundation, helps empower local eye doctors, nurses and health workers to give thousands of people in Huanxian County a fresh start in life.”

In addition to the main race, the event this year also featured a new blindfolded race to recreate the experience of being visually impaired. Wearing paper cataract glasses, participants paired up and attempted to run or walk up two floors of the cargo ramp, giving them a sense of what cataract sufferers experience in their day-to-day life.

The Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run is an affirmation of Goodman Group’s Making Space for Greatness brand purpose, which sees the Group support people, customers, communities and charity partners all over the world pursue greatness.

Magic Mile Video

“We are very grateful to Goodman and the participants for their incredible generosity. The Fred Hollows Foundation believes four out of five people who are blind don't need to be. Our Gansu project supported by Goodman and the Magic Mile will ensure that everyone has access to quality and affordable eye care, making a real difference to the lives of more than 350,000 people.”

Laura Lee
Chief Representative, Hong Kong and ASEAN
The Fred Hollows Foundation

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SOS Children's Villages, Poland

Continental Europe

SOS Children’s Villages

We believe every child has the right to education, health services and quality care, which is why we have supported SOS Children’s Villages in Continental Europe for the past six years.

SOS Children’s Villages provides care and support programmes for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it. They ensure children have access to these basic rights by setting up daycare centres, schools, training centres, as well as medical services and hospitals.

In addition, the organisation has set up hundreds of ‘village’ communities where SOS families live together, forming a safe and supportive community for the children to grow up in.

The Goodman Foundation’s support has covered a range of projects from funding infrastructure works in the villages to funding education programmes. Goodman staff have also volunteered at various events including working bees and children’s Christmas parties.

Over the past year, the Goodman Foundation has provided support for several projects at SOS villages across Continental Europe including:

Having supported renovations to the village in Bande (Marche-en-Famenne) over the years, in FY19 we provided funding for an extension to offer a bigger and more comfortable living space for the children.

We are supporting the Gemozac village and its ‘Pygmalion’ programme which is focused on helping children achieve educational success. We are providing furniture and equipment for the new study space.

SOS Children's Villages, France
SOS Children’s Villages, France

The villages in Dusseldorf have welcomed many refugees in recent times and aim to support refugees nearing adulthood to live independently, as well as create a hosting structure for siblings. We’ve contributed equipment to the apartments and have funded renovations in the past. This year, we are helping with social wellbeing by funding holidays and social activities.

At the SOS Children’s Villages in Karlino, Pomerania, we have renovated a playground and most recently we have upgraded furniture and whitegoods in the village housing.

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