In this issue : JUNE 2019
In this issue : JUNE 2019


We believe that a sustainable approach makes good business sense and our sustainability strategy covers the following four target areas:


- continuous sustainability improvement in our developments through innovation and helping our customers evaluate and incorporate sustainable design initiatives.


- managing and investing in our assets to improve efficiency, long-term competitiveness and resilience.


- measuring our impact, improving our overall performance, managing our compliance obligations and engaging regularly with key stakeholders.

People and

- inspiring and challenging our people, promoting safe workplaces and supporting community groups and charities through the Goodman Foundation.

Sustainability highlight

Tree audit

Asset Management

As part of its commitment to sustainability as well as high-quality property presentation, Goodman in Australia has approximately 20,000 trees located across its property portfolio.

Since they are such a valuable resource that require ongoing management and maintenance, the Australian business identified the need to undertake a portfolio-wide tree audit and condition report.

Aim of audit
The aim of the audit was to primarily create a report which would:

  • Provide a centralised database detailing key information about every tree, including but not limited to location, species, age, health and health advice, structure, pest and disease guidance
  • Aid in the preservation of all trees across the portfolio
  • Develop a risk assessment matrix for which each tree could be assessed
  • Develop an ongoing maintenance plan for each tree.

Management together with an expert aborist developed the following best practice process:

  • Initial detailed tree assessment and documentation process
  • Tree inventory and mapping
  • Risk assessment matrix
  • Hazard and risk assessment adopting the risk assessment matrix
  • Implement a maintenance program
  • Tree preservation and master planning.

The key benefits of the audit have been:

  • Tree preservation
  • Hazard identification and risk prevention
  • Creation of a centralised database detailing all relevant information about each tree
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • System to document subsequent works.

Our sustainability strategy


In the Community

In the Community