In this issue : JUNE 2020
In this issue : JUNE 2020

Big Picture

“The markets we’re in have been affected by the global pandemic at various times and to varying degrees. Throughout, our priority continues to be the safety and wellbeing of our people, customers and Partners.

Alongside our customers and the logistics and warehousing sector globally, we are playing an important role in delivering essential infrastructure and enabling distribution of critical supplies. We are also working on a one-on-one basis with our customers who are genuinely suffering financial distress as a direct result of COVID-19.”

– Greg Goodman, Group CEO
Despite the challenging global environment, customer demand in the online, logistics, food, consumer goods and digital economy, is supporting portfolio fundamentals and development activity.

The trends of ongoing supply chain consolidation, online expansion and growth in the digital economy have been accelerated due to COVID-19. The focus of the Group’s portfolio on infill logistics markets and providing space for customers to directly service consumers, is providing more resilient cash flows and ongoing demand for our real estate.

Innovating and adapting during COVID-19


Thought starters:

Goodman consistently thinks of the big picture. We understand the world is constantly changing and to be part of the future, we must remain agile. With all the changes surrounding COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to study the market and the trends that will shape our customers’ businesses and our own. Earlier this year, we released new episodes of our Thought starters series. It’s interesting to see that not only are many of the trends discussed still holding true, but some have in fact been accelerated due to the global pandemic.

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